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Featured | The Knot’s Best of Weddings 2016

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This award is one of the most meaningful I could ever receive because it’s based solely on my clients and their experiences in working with us! Not because we pay for advertisement, not because an editor deemed us qualified, but because we exceeded our couples expectations enough that they wanted to share their praises! WOW!

We’ve gotten the honor of Best of Weddings for every year we’ve been in business- 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016- so we also received an induction into the Hall of Fame!

Humor me while I brag on my team for a minute! One woman can only do so much. Without them I could never be as attentive, as creative, or as OCD! They allow me the freedom to take my couples out for coffee or wine to get to know them, the time to sketch my design ideas so my clients have a visual to approve, and the time to spend countless hours checking and rechecking every detail to make sure the day is as perfect as it can be! My girls deserve every bit of these awards as well!

Here’s a few favorite reviews from 2015!

[Since a few of these weddings happened before we changed our business name in October, we’ve edited these reviews to reflect our new business name!]


Megan + Phil

“There truly aren’t enough words to express the complete gratitude and thanks we owe to Elyse and the incredible team at [Elyse Jennings Weddings]!

Working with Elyse was one of the most meaningful and special parts of our wedding. Over the course of the planning process (about a year in our case), we formed such a close bond and friendship with Elyse. She is so smart, thoughtful, sincere, and kind and I’m forever grateful for her incredibly hard work. She worked tirelessly to ensure that our day was all we hoped for, and honestly, it was so much more thanks to her!

Since the very first meeting, I was blown away by her thoughtfulness and care. I felt totally comfortable placing my complete trust in her throughout the planning process. She takes SO much pride in every detail of her craft and her expertise guided us every step of the way. From her vendor recommendations, to her design plans, to the wedding schedule, Elyse goes above and beyond to make every detail perfect and seamless. She took what we could only envision about our wedding and turned it into a reality. I feel like Elyse is the perfect combination of everything you could want in a wedding planner: she has an incredible attention to detail, is amazing at all things organization/execution AND she has such a gift for design, ensuring that all of your design dreams turn out as beautifully as you envision it.

Even more importantly, Elyse does everything with incredible focus on the couple. She’s an amazing listener and she really valued getting to know me and my family. I never felt like “just another bride” with Elyse; she got to know our story and made sure our personalities, passions, and heritage shone through during our wedding. In all that she does, she makes you feel so special and values how important this day is in the life of a couple and family. This is something that makes Elyse special and I feel very blessed to have been able to work with someone who truly cared about me and my fiancé.

Elyse kept me so grounded and calm during one of the most special times in my life, I can’t imagine doing it without her (really!!). Even when I felt worried or stressed, I knew that I could count on her to ease any fears or worries that I had. For instance, a few months before the wedding, I started having seconds thoughts about some of the details of our design plan (flowers, tables, etc.). When I expressed my concerns to Elyse, she was beyond thoughtful and compassionate in her response. She dropped everything to meet with me that week and made sure I felt totally in love with what we came up with. This is just a small example (of SO many) when Elyse went above and beyond!

It’s no surprise that on wedding day everything was flawless and absolutely perfect. I can’t think of anything I would change or make better about our wedding day and I KNOW that’s because of Elyse. I enjoyed every second of the day and Elyse and her team couldn’t have been more attentive. She turned our vision into a perfect reality and executed everything flawlessly.

To all brides looking for a planner, I promise that you could never be in better hands than with Elyse and [Elyse Jennings Weddings]! I can’t imagine going through this experience without her, both as a planner and now as a friend. I will forever recommend Elyse and will be forever grateful for the her!!”


Christine + Robert

Worth every penny! I cannot begin to explain how amazing Elyse and her staff were in planning our New Orleans wedding. She worked with us for two years (we moved our wedding date back a year) making sure everything was perfect. The team checked in with me monthly starting about a year before the wedding, then more frequently as we got closer to the wedding. They made sure all the little details were taken care of – many of which I would not have even thought of had I planned this event myself. I’ve been in a ton of weddings, so I’ve seen how stressed out a bride can be when they don’t have a wedding planner or only have a day-of wedding planner. Having Elyse and her team help me plan every detail left me totally relaxed on my wedding day, which is the way it is supposed to be. I was 100% confident that everything was taken care of behind the scenes and this allowed me to really embrace the moment. A few of my bridesmaids even commented on how relaxed I was and how they wished they had hired EJW to plan their weddings. Elyse and her team also recommended some fabulous vendors for us to use, all of whom were great. Elyse is a perfectionist and I knew I would be in great hands with her and her team. If you want your wedding day to be about you and your fiancé, hire Elyse Jennings Weddings. If you want a seamless, luxurious wedding experience, hire EJW. They are worth every penny.


Beau + Pearce

“Words cannot express the amount of emotion and love which was woven into every part of our wedding week. It seemed at every turn there was love and support. Even the mundane was magical and memorable. This is all due to the tireless work of Elyse and her [Elyse Jennings Weddings] team. Neither Pearce nor I at any point were over whelmed with schedules or epic to-do lists like other couples we’ve seen. Instead we were free to focus on what we wanted to. This allowed me to put final touches on gifts and decorations for the ceremony and reception, and for Pearce to enjoy his friends who had come from near and far all week long. What was truly amazing was after a planning process that was effortless, easy and fun, the wedding was EXACTLY what we wanted. The details we had discussed went off without a hitch, and things we had never even thought to include somehow were thought of for us adding countless more memories.
To any couple beginning the wedding planning process, or coming up on their big day, I have one word of advice: hire [Elyse Jennings Weddings]. Elyse and her team take the time to get to know you as a couple first and for most. This allows your wedding to be an extension of your relationship rather than just an imitation of a bunch of Pinterest pins. Elyse early on told us that her goal in planning our wedding was that at the end of the night our guests would all say, “that wedding was SO Beau and Pearce.” Based on the feedback we were hearing from family and friends she more than succeeded!
Also vendor suggestions from Elyse are worth every penny. Her tips saved us money in the long run by focusing our budget on what was important to us. Because she actually got to know Pearce and I, each vendor she suggested was a perfect fit into our day’s flow and personality. You will spend a lot of time with your team on wedding day. The people Elyse picked for us wove themselves into the dynamic of our wedding party seamlessly. They were present but never obtrusive; they allowed the day to happen around them while still accomplishing everything they needed to. I know this was only because they had a fearless leader in Elyse.
Elyse brings your relationship to life. She incorporates it into every detail. She fills the venue with it: it is the music playing all night long and the champagne being poured at the bar. The night of our wedding Pearce paced back and forth in our suite smiling and repeating again and again that the whole wedding was so unbelievably amazing. While I’m sure part of it was a left over high from the second line, or possibly the delicious drinks flowing all night long at Latrobe’s, our “best day ever” was all because of Elyse and her team.”

Read more sweet reviews on our Knot profile


The core of every business is it’s philosophy. But it’s always been impossible for me to put into a few words.

I’ve always just thought that my philosophy was my heart. My business’ core values came from my core. To plan weddings from my heart as if each were my own. And because I couldn’t put it into words, I poured my heart into this video with Bride Film.

I’m thankful for every heart that has touched mine since opening trustpillsnorx.com/ my business in 2011 and I look forward to every heart that will touch mine in 2016!


P.S. You’ll see more of the backdrop of this video in the next issue of The Knot Magazine which hits stands January 25th! Eek!

Elyse + Jack | New Orleans Wedding


I was that little girl who dreamed about her wedding since she knew what weddings were! I remember the princess Halloween costume that evolved into a bride the next year, then a dead bride the following. I always doodled wedding dresses, bouquets and the occasional groom, all while dreaming of what my wedding day would be like! I’ve always been in love with love! I could partly attribute that to the fact that I’ve been in love with my now-husband since I was 14 years old! And there was no one more supportive of me when I turned my love of weddings into a career and started Elyse Jennings Wedding!

Many years (and other bride’s weddings) later, of course my childhood wedding plans had changed. But I was finally getting to be the bride and Jack and I were finally going to make our relationship official after 11 years of dating! So with a pencil, paper, and Pinterest, we started cataloguing things that would portray our love story and ways to add those details to our wedding day!

After endearingly being called “Fancy Skansi” for years by Jack’s friends, I knew that we wanted the wedding to feel glamorous and elegant, yet naturally effortless and organic at the same time! So we planned a formal affair among the oaks of Stella Plantation!

I hope you enjoy our wedding as much as we enjoyed living every moment! XOXO


We chose some romantic elements that we would carry throughout the event, and since I’ve signed all of my letters to Jack with “xoxo” for years, we fell in love with the idea of having “xoxo” accents throughout the design! As guests were first introduced to the wedding through the Save the Dates, they noticed my hand written “xoxo” at the top. We then commissioned one of the best local calligraphers to design our “xoxo” logo which we used as a dance floor vinyl, had laser cut for our wedding cake topper, gold foiled on our napkins, and printed on our koozies! We even used “elysexoxojack” as our wedding hashtag! Then to really add glamour, we accented with gold leafing- starting with the invitations and continuing on our cake, the cake wall, gift tags, thanks you notes, and even the leaves in our wedding bouquets and boutonnieres!














We really enjoyed showering our bridal party with unique gifts of gratitude! My bridesmaids received gold names bracelets that I ordered from my own handwriting! It was so fun to see them discover the bracelets on the stems of each of their bouquets! The groomsmen were gifted hanging garment bags with their monograms to carry their suits on wedding day!











But one of my favorite golden moments happened at our rehearsal dinner during my dad’s toast to us. After telling Jack how important it is to be a strong patriarch and role model to his future children, my dad gave Jack my late grandfather’s gold Rolex to wear on wedding day as his something borrowed! Dad said, “I would like you to wear it this weekend so that her grandfather can be a part of his granddaughter’s wedding in spirit. Keep it on your wrist so he can feel your pulse quicken as you watch Elyse walk up the aisle in her beautiful wedding dress.” I swear there was not a dry eye in the room!







And after our first look, I surprised Jack with an oversized card just like the ones that I used to make for him when we were 14! Added gold leaf to this one though!


















As the guests arrived at Stella Plantation for our wedding ceremony, they were greeted by my 6 honorary bridesmaids at our confetti bar! They were instructed to make their own mix of colored confetti to toss at us as we walked back down the aisle as husband and wife! The immediate families were given wedding bells to ring after our kiss, and my sorority sisters were each handed a Killarney rose- Delta Zeta’s signature flower! After my dad and I’s long walk down the aisle, the ceremony began with an original ode to love by my aunt. This was followed by the reading of the poem “Love” by Roy Croft, a poem that was read every preference night in DZ, by my maid of honor, and a contemporary version of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” sung by a dear friend. Thank goodness I had gifted Jack a “Mr.” hanky because I needed it a few times myself! As we walked back down the aisle with confetti fluttering, I remember thinking that this dream moment couldn’t be real life

















Our guest book was a nod to the hopeless romantic in each of us! Like the Parisian Love Lock bridge, we asked guests to sign and add their well wishes for our relationship to a pad lock, then lock in their love by attaching it to a trellis- which we continue to enjoy in our landscaping in our backyard!






The cocktail party started at our champagne table with rows of pre poured champagne, each glass adorned with either a gold pom, a rock candy stick, or a rim of edible gold sugar! Our family and friends would continue to enjoy cocktails outside the tent by the glow of our candle walls.







As cocktail hour came to an end, the drapes of the tent were pulled back to reveal the reception inside. A golden draped tent with 13 different crystal chandeliers added the perfect backdrop and lighting for the perfect night! Our tables were a mix of round and square tables, our chairs were a mix of gold chiavari, gold estate, and ghost chairs, and our three different linen styles added different navy textures to the room! Our centerpieces included tall and lush arrangements in cut glass vases, custom table top chandeliers, and three lower lush arrangements in cut glass vases- all accented by smaller bud vase arrangements and a mix of silver and gold stemmed mercury glass candles, chalices, and votives! The whole room twinkled!










Our cakes also added some wow factor! The wedding cake was a four tier fondant cake accented with gold leafing and topped with our xoxo wooden cake topper! It sat upon a gold bar cart- a gift from my aunts for my bridal shower- with candles on the bottom shelf and on the floor around the base! The backdrop was a custom painted and gold leafed wall by our florist that framed the cake perfectly! After we cut our cake, we asked the ladies of the bridal party to join us for the cake pulls- a Southern tradition where each girl pulls a charm out of the cake that will predict their fate (next to be married, next to have a baby, etc)! The groom’s cake was 4 stacked king cakes, a New Orleans delicacy, with a fleur de lis topper and purple, green, and gold Mardi Gras beads laid on the table!















Our incredible candle and lighting guru’s, Lisa and Jason of Luminous Events, with our incredible floral geniuses, Eric and Carolyn of Bee’s Weddings and Events!







With Jack being a fantastic chef, we wanted to let our guests take home a little love from our kitchen! For our favors, we bottled Jack’s homemade hot sauce and accompanied it with a little book of his favorite recipes!



Then in true dramatic fashion, we ended the night with fireworks to celebrate not only our love, but all of the love that surrounds us each and every day! A truly magical ending to the most incredible weekend of our lives and the perfect start to our forever!


Planning and Design | Elyse Jennings Weddings

Photographer | Greer Gattuso Photography

Ceremony + Reception Venue | Stella Plantation

Florist | Bee’s Wedding and Event Floral Designs

Videographer | Bride Film

Rentals | Perrier Party Rentals

Vintage Rentals | Distressed Rentals & Revivals

Candles and Lighting | Luminous Events

Catering | New Orleans Catering

Bakery | Royal Cakery

Ceremony Musicians | New Orleans Finest Musicians

Officiant | Rev. Johnny Adams

Band | Groovy 7

Hair Stylist | Hair by Ginger

Make Up | Ashley Sievert Beauty

Transportation | Hotard Coaches, Inc. + Bonomolo Limousines

Wedding Morning Location | Loft 523

Bridal Gown | Ines Di Santo

Bridal Salon | Ivory Bridal Atelier

Bride’s Veil | Wedding Belles

Bride’s Earrings | Kendra Scott Jewelry

Bride’s Shoes | Jimmy Choo

Bride’s Robe | Flora Nikrooz

Menswear | Express

Bridesmaid Dresses | Adrianna Papell + Badgley Mischka

Save the Dates + Invitations | Tupelo Honey Design

Calligraphy and Signage | Ebb and Flow Ink

Tinsel Stirrers | Em for Marvelous

Cake Topper | My Girl Josephine

Bouquet Ribbon | Frou Frou Chic

Name Bracelets | Yvonne Boutique

Monogram Garment Bags | Monkey See Boutique

Dance Floor Decal | Off the Wall Expression

Confetti | Inside My Nest

Custom Cups and Napkins | For Your Party

Koozies | Discount Mugs

Design Portfolio

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Design : the most fulfilling part of the planning process for me.

(well, second only to my clients hugs at the end of wedding day)

Our brides and grooms come to us at all stages of their design generation- some just with colors and a theme, others with ideas as specific as linens, cakes, flowers and more, but most with Pinterest boards they have been pinning to for years (maybe even before they met their fiancé). It’s up to us to listen, absorb, and help them expound on their vision to make this a wedding fit for only the two of them. I want to get to know their styles, their engagement story, their hobbies- whatever I can infuse into their weddings aesthetics. Then comes dreaming, sketching, and mood board-ing. Our designs are traditional, yet custom + timeless, yet modern. After we love the picture we’ve painted, we bring the design to our talented and creative vendors who’s talents and inventories help me bring the sketch to life. And when I overhear the guests at their wedding saying, “I wouldn’t expect anything else for them,” I know that we did our jobs and my heart is so happy!

Please enjoy this collection of some of my favorite designs!

XOXO small

EJW Design 1

EJW Design 2

EJW Design 3

EJW Design 4


EJW Design 5

EJW Design 6

EJW Design 7

EJW Design 8

EJW Design 9

EJW Design 10

EJW Design 11

EJW Design 12


EJW Design 13

EJW Design 14

EJW Design 15

EJW Design 16

EJW Design 17

EJW Design 18

EJW Design 19

EJW Design 20

EJW Design 21

EJW Design 22

EJW Design 23

EJW Design 24

EJW Design 25

EJW Design 26

EJW Design 27

EJW Design 28

EJW Design 29

EJW Design 30

EJW Design 31

EJW Design 32

EJW Design 33

EJW Design 34

EJW Design 36

EJW Design 35

EJW Design 37

EJW Design 38

EJW Design 39

EJW Design 40

EJW Design 41

EJW Design 42

EJW Design 43

EJW Design 44

EJW Design 45

EJW Design 46

EJW Design 47

EJW Design 48

EJW Design 49

EJW Design 50

EJW Design 51

EJW Design 52

EJW Design 53

EJW Design 54

EJW Design 55

EJW Design 56

EJW Design 57

EJW Design 58

EJW Design 60

EJW Design 61

EJW Design 62

New name | Same luxury planning service

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EJW with Fireplace

I can’t tell you just how excited I am to be publishing this and letting you in on the major project I’ve been working on for months now! I’ve decided to take a (huge!) leap to change the name of my business to Elyse Jennings Weddings!

As the Tying the Knot brand grew and we were being listed among other planning companies across the nation, I realized just how many of them had some version of “knot” in their name. And while I love our Tying the Knot name and all of the fun play-on-words that I created from it, I want to make sure my brand stands out. For years, I’ve been personalizing weddings to make them unique to each couple, so it’s only fitting that I plan them under a name that’s unique to me!

With the new name comes a new brand, and I’d love for you to take a peek at our new website, follow us on our social media platforms below, and help us to spread the word that we’re the same trusted planning and design company, operating under a new name! Please also update your address books with our new email addresses: elyse@elysejenningsweddings.com, becca@elysejenningsweddings.com, and ashley@elysejenningsweddings.com.

I’m honored, inspired and constantly uplifted by my relationship with each of you and so thankful in advance for all of your support throughout this transition!

Looking so forward to this journey as Elyse Jennings Weddings (EJWeds for short) and bringing weddings to life under our new brand! 

XOXO small

Phone | 504.261.0484

Web | www.elysejenningsweddings.com

Blog | www.elysejenningsweddings.com/blog

Instagram | @elysejenningsweddings

Facebook | Elyse Jennings Weddings

Twitter | @ej_weddings

Pinterest | Elyse Jennings Weddings

Featured | The Knot’s Best of Weddings 2015


It’s 2015 and we’re kicking this new year off with some new goals and some new news! One of our main goals is to blog more often, and our first blog post of 2015 is sharing some big news! We’ve been named Best of Weddings by the Knot for the THIRD year in a row!

Receiving The Knot’s Best of Weddings 2015 award is quite the honor because it’s not awarded based on advertisement, not awarded by our relationships in the industry, but it’s awarded based on our client’s positive reviews and support for our business! Their continued trust in Tying the Knot blows me away and I can never thank them enough for allowing us to bring their wedding days to life!

As an avid internet shopper for services and products, reviews are the main reason that I buy an item or not. I encourage all brides and grooms to read about each and every one of your potential wedding vendors to make sure that they are a great fit for your needs! Our industry is filled with incredible talent and the Knot gives an amazing platform for past clients to review their creative partners and for future clients to get to know them!

Here are a few reviews from the Knot by some of our super sweet brides and grooms who are all smiles about their experience with Tying the Knot! XOXO


Lori and Ryan

Photo by Mark Eric

“The first – and best- decision I made in planning our wedding. I cannot sing Elyse’s praises enough, and shiver at the thought of doing it all without her. For starters, we live in NYC, so her knowledge of the New Orleans area and local vendors was invaluable. As far as her vision and design – she is a gifted and creative designer, but also a great listener and puts her brides’ wishes first. Whereas others (even my MOH) laughed when I said I wanted a “sophisticated swamp” theme, Elyse saw it as an opportunity and came back with the most elegant, southern-Louisiana-glam design I could have possibly dreamed of!

As a planner, she has a tireless work ethic, was always three steps ahead and thinks of EVERYTHING. She is very responsive to emails/calls/texts (which trust me, is a HUGE deal), and could teach Martha Stewart a thing or two about organization. Not to mention, she radiates a reassuring confidence and calming presence that just wraps you up like a big, fluffy towel right out of the dryer. I think one of the most helpful things to me was her decisiveness- and ability to help ME make decisions. No problem was ever too small or too complicated, and she never looked down on me like I was a silly girl (although I know I was at times!). I can’t emphasize enough how awesome it was to have someone who could relate to me, and treated every question I had as a valid concern. She never forced her opinion on me, but helped me think things through and make choices that I could feel amazing about.

Most importantly, she is clearly passionate about her job, and even more so about her brides. Her enthusiasm for weddings, design, and marriage is infectious, and even though I knew she was busy planning dozens of other weddings, I never once felt like I was anything other than special. She was my advocate and ally when dealing with vendors or feuding family members, and made every element of our wedding day come together in the most seamless way imaginable. I was able to just sit back and enjoy my big day because Elyse had made sure everything was taken care of before hand, and she and her amazing team took on the day with the precision and efficiency of a SWAT team. I would have paid her three times as much for the peace of mind that came with having her on my side, and even my 75-year-old father, who doesn’t compliment anyone, was still bragging six weeks later at Christmas about what an amazing job Elyse did.

I could go on and on about Elyse and Tying the Knot Weddings, but to sum it up – I doubt that many brides can say they feel as blessed to have met their coordinator as I do, and that they were sad the wedding was over because it meant not getting to talk to their coordinator regularly anymore. I didn’t know Elyse before I hired her, and odds are that I’ll never see her in person again, but I feel like she made such a difference in my wedding experience that I will always be indebted to her, and will definitely think of her as a friend – not just a coordinator. Book her NOW if you can, it will be the second best choice (after saying ‘yes,’ of course!) you’ll make!”


Kristen and Mike

Photo by Greer G Photography

“Shortly after Mike and I were engaged we decided to have a destination wedding in New Orleans. After lots of research, we discovered Elyse’s work through a few weddings and photo shoots she had produced on Pinterest. Her taste/vision for everything was so aligned with what I had been envisioning for my dream wedding, I knew my husband and I had to meet her.

From the moment Mike and I sat down with Elyse, we knew she was the perfect planner for us. As a producer, I LOVED the fact that she took copious amounts of notes and truly listened to our ideas and offered wonderful ones of her own. Over the next year, Elyse helped us plan, create, and throw our dream wedding. We felt like she truly went above and beyond for us and created so many special details for our ceremony and reception. She went truly above and beyond during the planning process as well. Her and her team curated a wonderful set of vendors that everyone still raves about to us! Hiring Elyse was the BEST decision we could have made!”


Katie and James

Photo by Mark Eric

“Elyse and her team made the wedding planning experience personal, enjoyable, organized and efficient. They are some of the most thoughtful and talented individuals I have ever met, and my husband and I can’t say enough about what they did for our wedding (and probably our marriage). We joked several times that we would have probably eloped or broken up had we not had their help!

I knew that any time I had a question or concern, Elyse and her team would already have several answers and options for me…they think of EVERYTHING! It was such a relief that we could trust their opinion on everything from A to Z and we knew that they always had our best interest in mind.

The wedding day was absolutely perfect, and so many of our guests commented that it was the best wedding they have ever been to. Given that we’re in our 30’s and some of the last people in our families and circle of friends to get married, that says a lot…these people have been to a lot of weddings!

Aside from making the planning experience a breeze, and for creating a professional level event, one of the best parts of working with Elyse and her associate planner, Melissa, was our wedding day. We actually got to enjoy it! I have heard from so many brides and grooms that they barely got to eat or enjoy the day. With their diligent scheduling and impeccable preparation, we were able to enjoy the food, drinks, music and company at our own wedding. It really could not have been a more perfect day, and we really could not have done it without Elyse & Melissa of Tying the Knot!”