Dear 2013,


Dear 2013, You were incredibly amazing, terrifying, beautiful, humbling, inspiring, full of adventure, and way too good to me!

As I sit here reflecting on all of the successes and failures, I’m feeling extremely blessed! Blessed for the growth of my business, blessed for the 26 couples who allowed me to be a part of such a momentous day, blessed for my new fiancé (and our wedding in 2014), blessed for the opportunities that the blogs and magazines have given me by featuring Tying the Knot, blessed for the wealth of knowledge shared with me at the “conventions” and webinars, blessed for the irreplaceable friends that I’ve made in this industry who have shared their talents and passions with me, blessed for the ability to scale back and take some extra time off to enjoy my family and friends, and blessed for the growth of ME- as a business owner, a boss, a fiancé, a friend, and a daughter!

2014, you have some pretty HUGE shoes to fill!

I hope you live up to every expectation and more! Bring it on!

(Photo by Greer G Photography from Jack and I’s Engagement Session)

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